Peer Leadership

A Parent's Critique

Peer Leadership Summer 2016
Summer excursion for my "Sun" Shayla Streater - Tue, 07/19/2016 - 22:13 Words can not express my gratitude to Hashim A'llah and everyone from Hallah Edutainment and the crew from Harvey Gamage. My "sun", Melek Ben-Yehudah was given an awesome opportunity to visit Maine this summer. During his two week stay he learned how to work dj equipment. In addition to being a dj he learned about fishing and sailing. Melek sailed the Harvey Gamage for five days and slept on the boat as a crew member for three days. During his time on the boat he learned how to navigate, cook, clean, and most importantly conquer his fears. This experiences also gave him an opportunity to build great friendships. This was truly a life changing event for both of us. I had to learn my "sun" was no longer a little boy but a young man.I'm thankful to the creator for giving my "sun" this wonderful opportunity!