Anthony VanDeventer

Lord you took the wrong ones/Anthony VanDeventer

Lord you took the wrong ones, 4 children and a wonderful husbond, left alone, in a broken home, my family is as hard as stone, cant u let my people grieve alone?, now im on my knees, praying for  michael courtney jayelee and me, 4 beautiful children, mom is missin, children with mixed emotions, my people tryin to stay potent, lord please, im beggin for mercey, im asking nicely please?, or u gonna let me have pain for all eternity?, what do i say? how should i pray? me and my family cant take anymore of this pain, lord you testing my ways?, if so thats a huge mistake, are you even real?, i think you all just in my brain, is this the price i have to pay? for my lifes mistakes? for god sakes, my family is split apart, why did u take them for me from the start? lord you took 7 of my people and and im wondering why, u never ever have taken my life? the last words my momma said was, no you cant come, the next day she died and im forever stunned, by the death of my mah! thats was my mah, imma shine bright like a stah, for you mah, i love u from a fah, rest in peace mah, imma make u proud of who im about to become forevah! RIP danielle lee vandeventer....... youll never be forgotton ull always be remebered forever!