Freedom Through Expression Broadcast and production program

Year round after school/weekend

Freedom Through Expression Broadcast (FTEB) is Hallah Edutainment’s media program, offering students a hands-on learning opportunity in broadcasting, journalism, video production and the recording fields. FTEB uses the latest industry technology to engage students’ participation and cultivate their self-confidence, leadership abilities and critical thinking.  Students practice civic engagement, public speaking and citizenship by asserting their voices in our American democracy through gathering and distributing facts and expressing their opinions.   

FTEB equips students with the tools needed to produce radio talk shows, music videos, news magazines and public affairs programming. Students learn to identify newsworthy stories, arrange interviews and write articles using the same standards as industry professionals. Students feel acknowledged and proud to see their finished work published in the FTEBroadcast blog and submitted to local and national news sources. Audio and video projects are broadcast via Hallah Edutainment’s Enhanced Internet Streaming Capacity.

Freedom Through Expression Broadcast is more than just an independent internet radio/video station. It is also a growing and safe social media network designed for students and their nationwide peers. FTEB will work within strict school administration guidelines in creating links for teachers, parents and students to share broadcasting strategies and successes with other schools. Using this supervised technology, a high school student council in California can see how a group of students in Maine covered their local mayoral debate.  Programs offered through Hallah Edutainment allow students to grow through the contribution of their gifts. Developing a student's creative side is the surest way to unleash their own unique skills and potentialities.


Hip-Hop Forum Theatre

Year round after school/weekend

Hip-Hop Forum Theater is an infusion of two artistic forums of expression, which were born out of a need for those who feel disenfranchise. And those who see themselves voiceless in the theatre of the World and the direction of SocioPolitico-Economic policies that dictated their day to day existence in life. This sense of helplessness and despair is a reality for many from the smallest stage of home to the larger stages of community, town, county, state, country and the great international stage. Students wonder, how and where do they fit in to life’s dramatic stage production and who’s going to hear their voice?

Hip-Hop Forum Theatre has amazed parents, educators, social workers and psychiatric PhDs at the FUN and EXCITEMENT this workshop creates and its therapeutic value with even the youngest of ages.

Emotional Identity

Only available to license drug rehabilitation and emotional wellness facilities

Emotional Identity is a 12 week program designed to help students acknowledge, confront, and start the processes of addressing repressed or hidden emotions that are the root cause of attitudes and behaviors; behaviors that impede the process of self-healing and spiritual growth. The workshops are implemented to help each youth achieve self esteem, self-respect, as well as promote traits of self-motivation through the art of language and music.

Emotional Identity is built on the foundation of four modules: Truthfulness and Inspiration; Trust and Writing; Humbleness and Sharing; and Giving and Performance. The program was conceived to teach students how to focus on helping themselves, expressing themselves, believing in themselves, by trusting themselves.

Literacy, the Art of Hip-Hop

Year Round -Day And After School/Weekend

It is the objective of Literacy, The Art of Hip-Hop to merge today’s definition of literacy to yesterday’s fundamental core of literacy. The root of all learning is Reading, Writing and Comprehension. "The Art of Hip-Hop" uses the culturally enriched socio political music of Hip-Hop to expand on the contributions to the world by people of all cultures by focusing on the historical, social and educational aspects of the music and its call to a generation of visionaries to aspire to be entrepreneurs, professionals, and achieve academic excellence.

Farming the Wilderness

Summer Day Camp

The Farming the Wilderness Program is an extension of the Working Horizon curriculum. Environmental Education is the key and Farming the Wilderness cultivates the sense of natural curiosity as well as environmental stewardship. Nature and its many resources are presented with forest hikes and kayak tours led by certified state guides.

Open discussions and exercises relating to the orderly compliance and adherence of work place rules and how these rules transfer into the overall governance of societal law and constitutional rights are a topic of discussion during collective time of chores and meal conversation.


Working Horizons

Summer Program

Working Horizons is a seven-day program introducing urban youth to professions not often available to city students. This in-depth program gives students working experience with all facets of an operational lobster and fishing wharf. Hallah Edutainmentnweaves the science of the ocean and life forms that depend on healthy waters, into students’ job responsibilities. Environmentalists will lead conversations around stewardship of the sea and its importance to sustaining human life helping youth to understand the reasons society needs rules, laws and industry regulations.

This program instills teamwork, conflict resolution and physical and mental fitness. Through physical labor and mental and emotional awareness, Hallah Edutainment cultivates and supports resilience, appreciation and fortitude. Responsibility, civility and citizenship are practiced along with common courtesy while sharing a beautiful rustic cottage on the wharf. Participants have fun, are energized and gain a true sense of accomplishment. 

2017 International Summer Learning Voyage

30 day Alternative Residential Summer School Aboard Schooner Roseway

Please Note: This Program Is Currently Full For The 2017 Season

Hallah Edutainment (H.E) has partnered with World Ocean School (WOS) to provide a life changing opportunity to the students of New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine. For over ten years, World Ocean School has been delivering an authentic method of experiential education, aboard the national historic landmark schooner Roseway, that empowers students of diverse backgrounds to reach their full potential as responsible, productive, and engaged community members. Now the pedagogy of Hip-Hop will be incorporated into a curriculum that will be offered only to students who participate in this joint venture between WOS and H.E. The curriculum of this program is designed to inspire and motivate students, who otherwise show little interest in school or their communities, by giving them a learning environment that is challenging, authentic and hands-on. World Ocean School for over the last decade, has been working with over two thousand students each year, categorized as everything from at-risk, to socio-economically stressed, to learning disabled.

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2017 Introduction To Ocean Science And Marine Biology Summer Camp

Aboard Schooner Harvey Gamage

Hallah Edutainment (H.E) has partnered with Ocean Passages, LLC to extend a life changing opportunity to the students of New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine. For over four years, Hallah Edutainment has been delivering an authentic method of experiential education. Last year we ran a beta program aboard the historic schooner Harvey Gamage with Connecticut and Maine students. That successful two-week adventure has turned into a 10-day program that will launch our new Introduction to Ocean Science and Marine Biology curriculum(IOSMBC).


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