2017 Introduction to Ocean Science and Marine Biology

Summer Camp Voyage aboard Schooner Harvey Gamage


Hallah Edutainment (H.E) has partnered with Ocean Passages, LLC to extend a life changing opportunity to the students of New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine. For over four years, Hallah Edutainment has been delivering an authentic method of experiential education. Last year we ran a beta program aboard the historic schooner Harvey Gamage with Connecticut and Maine students. That successful two-week adventure has turned into a 10-day program that will launch our new Introduction to Ocean Science and Marine Biology curriculum(IOSMBC).


IOSMBC is an experiential learning STEAM curriculum that is designed to empower students of diverse backgrounds to learn about STEAM based vocations that are related to the stewardship of the ocean; the marine and avian; and, land based life that depends on it. Students will see the relationship between the subject content of their primary school education and how art can be intricately woven into the academics of science. Add how art has been influenced by life dependent on the sea, now artistic expression creates excitement in STEAM learning while helping them to reach their full potential as responsible, productive, and engaged community members. The pedagogy of Hip-Hop will be related to subjects that have always been a part of their everyday lives. The curriculum of this program is designed to inspire and motivate students, who have a love of learning or who otherwise show little interest in school or their communities, by creating for them a learning environment that is challenging, authentic and hands-on.


Hallah Edutainment over the last four years as its own entity, and more than a decade with Amistad Arts Collective, Inc., has worked with over a thousand students in that time. Students categorized as everything from at-risk, to socio-economically stressed, to learning disabled and intellectually gifted.


Our programs have been honed to provide students with four key components:


1. Transformative life skills and character development

2. Inspiration for academic and vocational advancement

3. Strong relationships with caring and responsible adults

4. A safe environment for learning


This combined with Hallah Edutainment’s three R’s of education:


• Recognition• Responsibility, and • Results!


Will achieve these objectives:


● Give youth a positive alternative to and an escape path from “Gang Life”.

● Encourage alternative behavioral options, other than violence, to solve emotional crises.

● Teach effective communication and coping skills while cultivating positive social interaction.

● Engage youth to become interested in increasing their literacy level and exploring vocations that they are not normally introduce to in urban educational environments.

● Help youth take advantage of opportunities to achieve success in life.


This summer Hallah Edutainment will take students out of their normal routine, which for many is disruptive, negative and unhealthy, and immerse them in a completely new learning environment that is removed from life distractions typically experienced in urban and rural communities, and engage them in an exciting new way—perhaps an experience that some may have not believed they could be part of.


Most students in our programs build trust quickly amongst their peers and their educators/crew as they discover the important role that each of them play in the small community aboard ship. Everyone has a job to do to keep themselves and others safe. They are not only learning hands-on rigorous academic lessons, they are living aboard and operating a 131 ft., 100-ton ship 24/7 under the supervision Hallah Edutainment and Ocean Passages’ crew of educators, mariners and strong role models who make up the ship’s staff. (a ratio of 1:4 professional crew to student) The historic Harvey Gamage is a safe space in which to live, study, and work, their progress is profound and lasting. By working in small groups and taking on specific tasks with the support and guidance of the educators, students succeed in STEAM enriched learning and the community aboard ship because of the challenging but fun environment they occupy.


Unlike traditional classrooms where students may not thrive; the IOSMBC non-traditional classroom aboard The Harvey Gamage builds meta-cognitive skills such as communication, teamwork, creativity, and time management.


Also, because this summer program takes a creative approach that supports students to succeed in competency-based assessment, students are able to demonstrate knowledge by meeting common core benchmarks within the curriculum modules allowing them to move into a new academic year with the reinforced retention of literacy skills they need.


Hallah Edutainment’s success as an extended learning platform lies in the partners with whom we like to forge long lasting relationships. We work with organizations, schools, agencies, municipalities, universities and community leaders to help nurture student progress academically and socio-emotionally.


Hallah Edutainment has partnered with Yale University, University of New Haven, University of Southern Maine, University of Maine, Orono, The United Way of Greater New Haven, The Community Foundation of Greater New Haven, RSU 14, The City of New Haven, Hamden, Bridgeport, CT. and Portland, Maine for the purpose of follow through with holistic support.


The literacy needs of individual students vary. Some students have low academic performance because they feel they have been repeatedly failed by the system. Their social and emotional needs are different. Some struggle with self-confidence and try to compensate for that in a variety of ways from aggressive behavior to total withdrawal. Some students excel in an academic environment and become bored because they are waiting for others in their class to catch up to the lesson plan. Whatever the reason, IOSMBC meets the needs of both ‘attentive’ and ‘disengaged’ student youth. It does this because it excels at introducing students to the science and technology behind the products and experiences they interact with in everyday life.


Students will sail on open waters where fishing trollers, bottom draggers, lobster boats, passenger craft and recreational vessels are all participating in earning a living from the ocean. They will visit oyster farms, research facilities and processing plants. Add this to their visits to The Maine Maritime museum where the rich history of ship building is preserved and Bath Iron Works where the most technologically advanced naval military vessels are being built, the story of America and its rich history of dependency on the ocean comes to life as it takes on context to the stories, folk songs and present day information being shared via news and classroom learning.


Students will perform rudimentary experiments, water temperature, salinity, micro-organism collection, species identification and learn how to record these for quantitative and qualitative analysis.


They will learn navigational technology, how to read the wind and ocean currents all while having fun fishing, swimming and taking in the fireworks as they sail into Boothbay Harbor for the 4th of July Heritage Day festival.


Imagine watching fireworks explode overhead on a tall mast schooner from the middle of the harbor. Learning and work can be fun and we at Hallah Edutainment along with our many partners will make sure that Fun is an “exclamative” experience.


Students will have their own private brunch and “Team Building” dance at the historic Robinhood Meeting House in Georgetown, ME. IOSMBC specifically gives access to the opportunities that challenge students in unique ways, providing uninterrupted learning that is engaging and hands-on, and that builds the confidence student youth need to thrive.


SCHEDULE: Introduction to Ocean Science and Marine Biology Summer Program begins on June 30, 2017, when students depart from their designated pick up points (TBA), in preparation for their voyage. They arrive in Portland, ME. where they will check in for vessel orientation and then take in the sites of the historic Portland Old Port. Students will visit the Abyssinian Meeting House which is the oldest meeting house of African Heritage in the U.S., take a ride on the Maine Narrow Gage Railroad then dinner and decompression time before a 4am weigh anchor bell to start North Bound passage.


Northbound leg:


July 1 - student orientation – Portland, ME.

Board Harvey Gamage


July 2/3 - 4am depart for Maine Maritime Museum & BIW Bath ME., Student/Crew Brunch and Team Building dance, Robinhood Meeting House, Georgetown, ME.


July 4 –Bigelow Labs/ Boothbay Harbor


July 5/6 – Depart for Rockland/ Hurricane Isl., Vinalhaven


Southbound leg:


July 6/7 sail to Darmariscotta River


July 8/9 – Glidden Point Oyster Farm


July 10 – sail home port in Portland. Students board transportation to home drop off destinations (TBD)


Aboard the ship underway, students will stand watch in a rotating watch schedules: 0700-1300 – A watch (C watch the following day, etc.)1300-1900


– B watch (A watch the next day, etc.)1900-2300 – C watch 2300-0300


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