My comics and graphic novels

When I was a kid, like7or 8, I would read comics, I only read them for a year.So like 4 later I find myself reading graphic novels. Graphic novels are like the Japanese comics that you read backwards. What I really like is Naruto. I don't know, but I think it's the teenage ninjas that pulls me in. It is that they run really fast or use cool powers to kill someone.   

About the Storm

Freedom Through Expression Radio didn't meet on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday because of Tropical Storm Sandy. FTE's publisher Hashim and its web designer Adam both lost power. Luckily, many of the FTE team were barely affected by the storm. To some it was just a very windy day. Edgar was riding in a car when it skimmed a fallen tree on the edge of the road.Little kids who didn't know about the damage and danger were outside were disappointed when Mayor DeStefano advised families not to go trick-or-treating. The mayor postponed Halloween until November 7. Fallen trees were a big hardship in downtown New Haven.Ten percent of the city apparently lost power. There was some flooding, but it was much worse along the shoreline. Share your storm stories to Freedom Through Expression Radio! Use the comments section below.

Discussion: What's Wrong With TV News

Edgar: I watch ABC or NBC or CBS. Diquan: Channel 8. Earl: What's TB? I never heard of that. Oh, TV. I watch BET, maybe. If I'm watching a SpongeBob, I'm just playing. I get my news from the internet. Edgar: Before last year, they didn't have so many stories about people dying. Somebody died, then it would be on the news the next day. Now, every day it's about somebody dying. Diquan & Earl: True.

Who We Are

(Composed by Diquan) Freedom Through Expression Radio! average teens making moves on a mission though Two days in the classroom Two days in the studio call it 50-50 turning on the lights F.T.E Radio is in the building Music, sports, news this the 411 we give you everyday We're the first whether you like it or not to do it this way so you tell us whats going on with your day

Top Game of the Day

I've chosen this game Temple Run because it gets me so relaxed. If I die I don't get mad. See, when I have a running gold. So if I do die, I try again. The point of this game is you run from these man-eating monkey thing.As you run from these things you have to dodge obstacles and collect points.

Thursday's Class (Oct. 25)

Weather today: nice, but getting a bit stormy. Edgar, Diquan and Earl were here. We started writing a mission statement about the class, then decided to turn it into a rap instead. The students can record it at the studio with Vic Steffens next week. Freedom Through Expression Radio is an opportunity to explore new ways of sharing information and ideas. We can talk about the news of the day, or our lives, then use the resources at our disposal--computers, recording equipment--to turn those ideas into entertaining, useful songs and stories.

Earl Davis News (Thursday 10/25/12)

Music news for today: Meek Mill's album "Dreams and Nightmares" was leaked last night. this album has been anticipated for several months with its official release date October 30th,2012. Track List:                       1 Dreams And Nightmares 2 In God We Trust 3 Young & Gettin’ It featuring Kirko Bangz 4 Traumatized 5 Believe It featuring Rick Ross (produced by Young Shun for Maybach Music Productions) 6 Maybach Curtains featuring Nas, John Legend & Rick Ross 7 Amen featuring Drake 8 Young Kings 9 Lay Up featuring Wale, Rick Ross & Trey Songz 10 Tony Story Pt. 2 11 Who Your Around featuring Mary J. Blige 12 Polo & Shell Tops 13 Rich & Famous featuring Louie V 14 Real N***** Come First