The Storm Of 2013!!!

By: Yania Allison It was like any other day of the week; I woke up, took a shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed for school. When I came home, I turned on the TV and there it was: Snow Storm 2013! I didn't think anything of it because numerous times the ones that forecast the weather are not always exact with the weather and they make it a bigger deal than what it really is. Until suddenly it came Friday night on February 8 and I was so flabbergasted by how terrible it was more terrible than what I expected. I was snowed in at my houser and couldn’t commute anywhere. (To be continued...)

Topmost Song I'm Listening to Now

By Kayla "Thinking About You" by Frank Ocean is my topmost favorite. His great use of metaphors and similes was over the top amazing. Ocean always seems to talk in his songs, but goes with the beat as if his songs are stories and you enjoy taking the time out to listen to them. Despite the fact that Ocean came out the closet recently and told everyone through a song that he enjoys the company of men better than girls, he hasn't had any fans leave his side. Everyone pushed that aside and accepted him because of his music, and he speaks to people and their situations through his written words.

Five TV Shows I Like and Why

By Isaiah Law And Order SVU: The reason why I like this show is because of the action in the show. Plus it solves crimes and other good stuff. Martin: The reason why I like this show is because it's funny to me. It's got a lot of people doing dumb things Family Guy: The reason why I like this show is because they do a lot of flashbacks that are funny. Plus they do stupid things to make it look funny American Dad: the reason why I like this show is because the father is strict about a lot of things and gets mad over little things so the mom and the children do the stuff to make them mad. My last favorite show is Kickin' it. The reason why is it's a bunch of friends doing karate and they have a great friendship with each other, so they fight other people or train.


I don't really know much about it, but I like the Chinese language. I searched on Google and found English translations for various Chinese letters and phrases. There was an audio element which spoke the Chinese to me. I found the Chinese for "Merry Christmas."

Thursday's Class: December 13

It's Tech Week at FTE. Edgar, Irvin and Shawn were in the studio with Vic and Hashim on Monday. They used ProTools to edit an interview Hashim had conducted. Irvin did one of his projects. Yesterday, the same three students turned up for the journalism side of things, and were shown how to use audio recording devices. Irvin went off and did an interview with his the same day. Today, Edgar showed up. Other students were elsewhere. Continuing with the interview theme, I interviewed Edgar about why he chose to study here at Metropolitan Business Academy. Turns out he wants to be a criminal psychologist. Interesting interview, which we may post here sometime. Mostly it was an exercise in keeping the conversation on point and not going off on too many tangents, even while we were still fishing for what the interview could be ABOUT. The whole FTE program will change next month, combining with aspects of the existing journalism class at MBA, with the grand hopes of building a regular publication/broadcast outlet for the stories and ideas of the MBA student body.

my love

I've been writing a song for the studio on Monda, so I will give you guys a lttle piece of my song: I love to dance with you oh I I I love you I love when you laugh It feels like I'm in Paradise with you I hope you like it. Thank you for reading -Edgar

Thursday's Class: December 6

Blogging a few things, then preparing stuff the studio session Monday. Shawn has a Hitman/My Little Pony mash-up he hopes to recite. Edgar wrote a love ballad. Hashim shared a poem his 10-year-old son wrote, "Can You See What is Happening in Our World?" As for me (Chris), I'm in the midst of several theater reviews and unceasing community events coverage, for a number of local publications. There was a Long Wharf Theatre opening last night, right after I went to a Winter Wonderland at my daughter's school, and there's a Yale Rep opening tonight right after the annual Tree Lighting on New Haven Green.